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About Nature's Kiss

The history

Nature’s Kiss Herbal Massage Cream was developed over 20 years ago by elite NZ Athlete Madonna Harris and Herbal Chemist, Masseur and Health Adviser Paul Jeffery. The first product of its kind in New Zealand, it was a revolution in topical herbal rubs.

The brand

A brand for the whole family – it caters to the elite sportsperson and the “weekend warrior”, through to the sedentary and the mildly active.

Did you know?

Nature’s Kiss has been used in New Zealand by Auckland University of Technology Physiotherapy School to train students for 10 years.

Nature’s Kiss is used by professional physiotherapy practices throughout Australasia.

Nature’s Kiss is used by Sarah Cowley, NZ Olympic Heptathlete and Trained Clinical Physiotherapist.

Nature’s Kiss is used in a wide variety of professional and amateur sports teams in New Zealand including Super Rugby Teams, Soccer (NZ All Whites), Netball, NZ Rugby League (Warriors and Kiwis)

Use it for...

  • Strained muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Bumps and bruises
  • Aches and strains
  • Common sports injuries
  • Before and after spinal manipulation
  • Arthritic relief
  • Overuse syndromes