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The best thing about Nature’s Kiss is the selection of creams for different situations.

As a Personal Trainer I have found the Herbal Massage especially effective for use on my clients who have been suffering from back and shoulder pain. The rub allows them to train in surprising comfort!

As the weather turns colder the Hotstuff is coming into it’s own for outdoor runs and I use either the Herbal Massage or Recovery to loosen my clients muscles at the end of each session.

Thank you for offering me different options to the standard hot or cold rubs readily available.

Johnny Harris, Personal Trainer

“I would like to thank you for introducing me to a fantastic new product ... Of all the massage cremes or oils I have used over the years this is by far the best. It is not as messy as some oils, and unlike other cold cremes or gels I have worked with, it does not irritate my hands. Most importantly, of course, it is actually helping to relieve the patient’s symptoms and speed up the healing process! In short, I have found Nature’s Kiss to be an ideal product for use in my clinic and shall continue to spread the word!"

Dr Kay Pearce BSc(Hons), MSc, D.C. - Chiropractor

“Thank you so much for sending me Nature’s Kiss .. . It is really helping with some painful bruising I have.”

Mrs Allen

“Please could you send me the price for the biggest jar of Nature’s Kiss, the last jar was the 90g - which has worked wonders, but I believe there is a far bigger one which is what I really need”

Mrs Macklin - Norfolk Gardener

“My husband’s hands and finger joints become very uncomfortable and hot if he uses them
a lot, especially when gardening. Nature’s Kiss cools and makes them more comfortable
and less stiff.”

J Clarke - Pharmacy Assistant

“I have had lower back pain and a knotted shoulder for years ... Nature’s Kiss offers immediate relief.”

J Bidwell - Care Industry Support Worker

“Nature’s Kiss has really helped the strained tendons in my fingers. And as it is herbal, it does not irritate my Rosacea if it accidentally gets on my face, unlike other creams l have tried. “

M Read - Freelance Design Engineer

My husband brought to my attention an ad in his Gardening Magazine for your product, and having a very painful back at the time, it sounded quite good -"Quite good” proved to be an understatement and I soon found myself recommending it to friends, family & acquaintances.

Then, when my aches & pains disappeared, my Natures Kiss nestled unused in the bathroom cabinet.

Last year I fell over & injured my shoulder, instead of recovering, after several months the pain, crept from the top of my shoulder to my wrist.

The pain has been excessive and sleeping impossible. Last week on opening the bathroom cabinet, I spied the Natures Kiss and thought I'd use up what was left.

Within an hour.....nothing short of a miracle the pain which I'd had for so long, had almost gone & for the first time in a year, I actually slept without constant pain.

I realise that it isn't an instant solution, so I will order more of this miraculous cream, but thank you so very much for changing my life for the better with Natures Kiss.

Diane - Natures Kiss customer