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Nature’s Kiss Herbal Massage Creams

Nature’s Kiss is a herbal-based massage cream that has become a household name in New Zealand and is now available in the UK.

Nature’s Kiss should be the first choice for strained muscles, joint aches, bumps and common sports injuries.

It is also suitable for use before and after spinal manipulation to ease discomfort and for overuse syndromes.

Nature’s Kiss is used by Trainers, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Podiatrists and for personal use in the home or workplace.

Nature’s Kiss uses the pure essential oil in its preparation. 


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Can be used by all ages – from over 3 years through to the elderly
Not recommended to be used during pregnancy
Use as often as required – up to 4 times a day
For external use only
Avoid contact with face and eyes
Do not use on cuts, wounds or broken skin Ideal for common sports injuries (soft tissue)




Arnica Montana
Arnica is one of the most widely known herbs, traditionally used to help reduce pain and bruising, and is very popular in homeopathic circles as the first treatment for any trauma such as a strain, bump or bruise.

Nature’s Kiss contains the pure herb extract (unlike many other products that contain distilled Arnica (Arnica Tincture).

Hypericum Perforatum

Calendula Officinalis